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The Golden Jets club is committed to the vision of its founder. That vision includes making water polo enjoyable as a life-long sport, developing all players regardless of ability, teaching life lessons about sacrifice, hard work, dedication and cooperative behaviour in a group dynamic. The goal for the age group program is to place all the players into a university water polo program where they can make a meaningful contribution and continue to enjoy the sport.  For the past two World Student Games, the Golden Jets have placed several UofT men and women on Canada’s entries.

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The Golden Jets presents that rare opportunity for players of all experiences to come together in a healthy, fun teaching environment. Joining is easy!


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The Opportunity To Join A Great Club and Play A Great Sport!!

The Toronto Golden Jets will begin official practices and Tryouts/evaluations for the 2019-2020 water polo season at the University of Toronto’s 50 meter indoor pool during the weekend of September 14-15, 2019. (see “Facility” tab for picture and directions).
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“…This club has amazing team spirit. When he started, my 14 year old son had no experience either on a swim team or playing water polo. He loved how he was welcomed by the other kids and coaches. They took him under their wings, taught him and pushed him to do his best. He is now in the best shape he has ever been, made great friends, is dedicated to his team and has a passion for water polo… “
Astrid, parent of U16 team player



Support youth fitness in water polo by sponsoring the Toronto Golden Jets! There are numerous exciting opportunities to show your organization’s support of the club and its athletes. In return, receive a tailored promotional package with huge branding opportunities for your organization. The teams compete regionally and nationally, which offers diverse opportunities for exposure throughout Canada and even overseas. 科技上网工具下载安装 for information.

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